Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing Link

Just to let the following Followers know, if you have a blog, your link is missing. Please go to Blogger (Manage Blogs I Follow) and add your blog link. I would so love to visit.
  • Beth Hartford
  • Dorothy
  • Rachel D.
  • Dianet Quesada
  • Doina
  • Tami
  • QuiltChick
  • lad_216
  • Karen Pavone
  • jenniferkathleenlee
  • ipatch
  • synnove75
  • Barbara Bergstrom
  • Isavage9
  • Quilt Enthusiast
  • Linda Hiatt-Wahl
  • Skheezick
  • jovdmey
  • celeste99
  • Louann
  • Miriam
I know who the following Followers are, but just to let you know, your link is also missing.
  • Flaming Stitches (Ethne Illingworth)
  • Flat Out Quilting (Greg Bryson)
  • DulcesQuilts (Viviana)
  • Susis Quilts (susis_blog)
  • The Rabbit Factory (Lorraine Lefort)
  • Robin Hill Quilts (robinhillquilts)
  • Scraps & Strings (BrendaS)
  • Lavender Ridge (Linda)

I hope I didn't miss anyone. So if you have a blog, please add your link. I look forward to visiting.



LeKaQuilt said...

Hi Karen, This was a good idèa! I also want to see the blog to my followers, but have the same "problem". By the way - I'm have a Giveaway - if you don't already have made a comment on my blog - it woud be nice to see you :o)

Lee said...

oops here is my (lad_216) blog

stop by some time and check mine out.
Have a good one

HOUNDDOG's NEWS said... This is my link for lsavage9

Beth said...

Karen, I think I fixed it in my profile. Let me know if it didn't work? Thanks!
Beth Hartford

Greg said...

Here's my blog... anyone and everyone welcome to stop by!

Dorothy V said...

Hi Karen, I've added my blog link to my should be there now.