Monday, June 16, 2014

House on the Hill

You may recognize this little house on the hill; it is from Anni Downs applique pattern, My Favourite Things.  I turned it into a rug hooking, using all wool yarn.  My first rug hooking was made from strips of wool fabric and as I plan for my third rug, it will be made from a combination of both.

I never did show you my homemade lap frame, made at the same time as my yarn swift.  This type of frame is best when working with wool fabric strips.  Wool yarn can easily be pulled out by the fine grip needles, so if you are working with all yarn, a quilting hoop works best.  You can also use a quilting hoop with fabric strips, but you may need to replace the bolt with a longer one, as it can get bulky.


Anonymous said...

Cute as anything! Love your house. Very clever lap frame, too.

Paula said...

What a nice little house. Is it a wall hanging? I like your frame, it looks like a great idea. I just ordered floor frame, my flower garden has been waiting for months to be quilted. Hopefully soon!!!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

I love your house, just beautiful!