Thursday, July 4, 2013

Still Beautiful

As fast as they bloom, they fade away,

and sometimes what is left is just as beautiful.

Lots to see and do in the garden as summer gets underway. 
Spring flew by, will summer do the same?  

I finished my May Sweet Nostalgia block, How Does your Garden Grow? back in May, but have yet to start the June block.  When the garden sprung to life, this gardener had to spring into action, trading in my needle and thread for clippers and shovel.

But, I am still getting just enough of a fix to keep me going until things slow down in the garden.  I long to return to my evening hand quilting and spend whole days in my sewing room.  Reading Kaffe Fassett's, Dreaming in Color inspired one of two new mini quilts, that I will share with you once quilted. 
Fun with crochet continues.  I fell in love with the cover of Doilies in Color, so home it came along with a ball of size 10 crochet cotton and a 1.65 mm hook.

I wasn't sure how it would go with such fine thread, a small hook and hands that fall asleep, but turns out to be no different than hand quilting with hands that fall asleep and I mastered that no problem.  I am also learning Tunisian crochet from a book called, 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches.

Looks like I'm hooked on felted bowls, four more to show you.  I should have taken a photo of the one with the purple center before it was felted; it was beautiful with pretty ruffled edges.

Lesson learned that detail may disappear when felted.  My fancy crochet stitches in the center of the same bowl also melted together after felting.  So, in the end a single crochet stitch would have given me the same result, but it was fun stitching the fancy stitches.

Love my little lilac bowl and the handles on the white one.  The blue and white bowl may be my favourite so far.  I can say so far as I have three other bowls ready for felting!

I will be participating in a quilt challenge in a couple of weeks and the theme is Fish.  So, my mind has been working overtime trying to think of an idea.  One idea keeps coming back to mind.  Maybe on Sunday I will put a do not disturb sign on my sewing room door and see how much prep work I can get done.

Until next time.....happy quilting!



marina said...

well done on finishing your May block, it looks great.
love your doilie and the felted bowls are very interesting. Addicted hey?

Jen said...

Karen you are very busy, the embroidery is lovely and I love the felted bowls and their colours. Yes all day in the sewing room would be great.

ella said...

Love your May block.

Paula said...

Hi Karen, I love your May block it is so pretty. And your bowls wow, they are all beautiful, but the blue one is very special, I would say. How exciting, a Fish theme challenge. Looking forward so see what has been on your mind ;-)
Your crochet is beautiful.

Anthea said...

Hi Karen, beautiful crochet bowls there, and the doiley is so pretty & delicate too, great work with your Sleepy Hands!!

Lin said...

Lovely seed heads Karen and How does your Garden Grow seems very appropriate! When I first learnt to crochet I loved making doillies but have not made any for years. Somewhere I have a pattern for a set with three dimensional swans which always appealed - maybe one day.

Funoldhag said...

So glad to see a post from you! The crocheted doily is gorgeous - I learned to crochet making doilies with the fine thread and still have and use some. Did a round tablecloth and cannot imagine how I got through that. Don't think I could do that anymore although I love working with yarn!! Carl

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Karen, your May block is beautiful and I love your crochet! I've never tried felting it before, your colorful bowls are great!

Judy said...

Your crochet looks challenging, but fun! Nice work on the felted bowls, they are so creative and colorful.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I learned to crochet from my Grandmother and it was with the small doily crochet thread! I still remember how sweaty my hands would get and my pitiful little projects but looking back now it brings a smile to my face......your felt bowls are lovely and your stitchery is always amazing.......

Sharmayne said...

Sew nice to pop in and visit with you again Karen! I see you have some beautiful work created as always! Good luck with your fishing project LOL. Hugs Sharm