Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friendship Star Finished

I was seeing stars as I hand quilted Friendship Star, with so many seams it was hard to keep the stitches nice and even.  But, it's done and still worthy of a place on the wall. 

Also finished
Sweet Nostalgia
March Winds Doth Blow

We have been enjoyed some really nice spring like days that melted away the snow and made it possible to open windows and take in a breath of fresh air.  A little spring in the air put a spring in my step and I made a dint in some much needed prep work.  I prepared April and May's Sweet Nostalgia blocks, five Dear Jane blocks and two Civil War Bride blocks.  Now, that should keep me busy this spring.

Something else I have been working on is a little crochet, but I will keep that a secret until it is done.  I'm going to try felting, so fingers crossed.

As always, when one googles a subject, in this case crochet, one thing leads to another and you spend way too much time surfing the net.  But, I did find some interesting websites, blogs and patterns.



Until next time.....happy quilting and maybe a little crochet!



Hilachas said...

You've been so busy, Karen. The Friendship Star quilt is lovely. Yep, that prep work takes time but now you're "ready to go." I love to crochet too but there don't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done although you seem to be doing pretty well.

Funoldhag said...

What a sweet little star quilt, Karen! And the little embroidery is wonderful. Will watch for your felting project - that is a fascinating method. I have seen some beautiful purses that have been knitted or crocheted and then felted. So many fun things to do! Carol

Sue said...

Love the friendship star quilt. I just love the friendship star.

I love Ravelry. I was sent an email the other to join in on a site called stitch a day? I think that was the name of it. It gives a new knit or crochet stitch each day with lots of tutorials for novices like me.

Silvia said...

The friendship star quilt looks wonderful on the wall! Sweet Nostalgia is so dynamic!
Crochet, good to you, but not for me, never...say never!

Satu said...

So elegant star quilt on your wall! And those Nostalgia blocks are very beautiful. Also thanks for sharing useful links, Karen!

Paula said...

Beautiful Friendship Star quilt. Nice to see your Sweet Nostalgia, it is so pretty. And your crochet is interesting, what will it be????? I like the color and it looks so soft. I also love to crochet. You have been busy surfing, thank you for sharing. I see some interesting things there, like Hearts, Picasso Potholder and many other things.

Lin said...

Lovely Friendship Star Karen and I am intrigued by your crochet. What a lovely lot of links you have given us - thank you.

Annemieke said...

Your little quilt and embroidery are lovely. Thanks for the links, so many! I'm a fan of attic24, very nice and she is a good writer too.

Helen Marasco said...

Great star quilt and the little embroidery is gorgeous . Thanks for all the links, I do like Ravelry.:-)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful projects you've been doing. I especially like that embroidery.

Judy said...

I like the star quilt! You've been really busy lately, with all sorts of fun projects. That's so true about surfing, there's so much out there to read about.
Have a great weekend,

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

What a beautiful finish it is - and I love your header!!! I have bears in my header too! They say great minds think alike... ;)

Daniëlle said...

Hmmmm applique, after lots of years rejecting the urge, took loooots of energy hihi, I am hooked on those little stitches, finished EQB number 5 basket last night, onwards number 6! Thanks for all those links, must admit that I haven't looked at them hihi, but will remember!! XXXD