Saturday, May 8, 2010


They say patience and accuracy is what you require to make a Clamshell quilt.  Well, when it comes to hand piecing I have the patience, but I will just have to wait and see if I have the accuracy to keep my clamshells in nice straight rows.  It was not easy finding instructions for piecing and what I did find was not very detailed, then I stumbled upon Jossie's blog and her Clamshell quilt.  Needless to say, I had questions for her and now feel comfortable enough to begin my journey.

Klosjes Completed
7 made last week and 0 made this week

A Garden Party Report

This week, I sure needed a pick me up and it happened well on a garden tour. Wednesday and Thursday evening I visited all the members of the Garden Party and was delighted to no end.  Such beautiful flowers, created so lovingly and so very inspiring. 

I have put together an information page for One Flower Wednesday and will be updating it on a regular basis.  Also, I have moved the list of members from my sidebar to this page.  And, speaking of members, I would like to welcome Sharmayne, Lynn, Sharon, Bobby Ashley, Bep, Miriam, Marianna, Melissa, Joan, Marieke, Carol, Saskia, Cindy, Martina, Anita, Kathleen, Rockgranny, Sarah, Gisele, Jossie, Danetta,  Sheila and Heather to One Flower Wednesday.  We are now up to 42 gardeners! 

I feel very badly, but I have has to say no to a couple of people interested in joining.  Hexagons can be stitched together in so many ways and create so many beautiful patterns, but it's One Flower Wednesday and you have to be making traditional hexagon flowers. 

I look forward to touring the gardens again next week.  Did you know that 34 members posted this past Wednesday/Thursday?  How great is that!  Well, that's it for the Garden Party Report and remember you must post at least once a month.  Now, have yourself a blooming good day!

See the blossoms blooming sweetly!

And, thank you my sweet little sister for this memory of the past
Now, to find the perfect spot in the garden.

Until next time.....happy quilting!



Jan said...

Karen, I look forward to seeing your clam shells come together. You did well with your spools, they are beautiful!!! WOW, hard to believe the OFW has grown so much and so quickly. :) That's great!!!

Sandra Henderson said...

Dear, Dear Karen, First of all, I have not seen this Pomme de Mai! Can't wait to find out more..If it climbs, keep a close eye on it (wink!). SO fast your group of gardeners has grown! WOW~wonderful! THANK YOU for this. You have no idea what a blessing it has been to me. Just tonite I made 2 new ones w/red 30's and in the ctrs. an ISPY type of "FUN" print for a new baby blanket for my grandson. I have no idea how it will turn out, which is half the fun to me.
Now, for serious business, I'm turning around an leaving before I fall for you "clamshells"... Not enough time! I'm closing my eyes and leaving now... looking back w/one eye uncovered... :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about your clam shell quilt. I have wanted to do one for years...I DO NOT have the patience. I was out goofing off the day patience was handed out;-)

Please keep us posted.


Nadine said...

OMG, Karen, so you're starting a CLAMSHELL quilt?! I have always wished to make one, but just like you I couldn't find any clear instructions... Are you using paper pieces ?
Oh, please dear, could you share how you proceed ? I'd be sooo grateful ;>)
Congratulations for your beautiful works! Keep going...

Miriam said...

Thank you for the welcome to One Flower Wednesday. I am becoming addicted to hexies already!!!

Thank you for the link to the clamshell hints. I will be looking forward to watching your progress. I would love to make a clamshell quilt one day!

Michele said...

Hello, I, too, am planning a clamshell quilt. I just love the design, but you are absolutely right when you say there isn't a lot of information out there on "how to". I am going straight to Jossie's blog to see what she says! Thanks for the tip, Michele

Karen said...

Years ago, I learned how to draft out a clamshell design on fabric. I didn't do anything with the info as far as making a quilt. The drawing on fabric was so you could keep the rows straight when in the applique process. I will be interested in how you do yours.

Crispy said...

From what I can see of the fabrics, your clam shell quilt is going to be lovely :0) I'm sure you will keep it all straight.


nima said...

wow..clamshell...looking forward to see the finished piece.

Fiesta said...

Karen great beauties on your blog today. Thank you for sharing

Funoldhag said...

Karen, you are awesome! What beautiful projects you have underway and you stick with them and bring them to a finish. Your hexie garden club is amazing and those clamshells! They look to be oriental fabric--one of my favorites. I so enjoy your wonderful blog and your beautiful work!! Carol

Daniëlle said...

Upon reading this post my thoughts went immediately to Jossie but you found her already hihi! I think such a quilt takes more time than usual but at the end you will have a gorgeous quilt which a few quilters will ever make!! Nice klosjes, lovely Phlox, love the stitchery and never seen a May apple! How big can it get? Have a nice weekend, hugs, Daniëlle

Saskia said...

Thanks for welcoming me to the gardenersclub.
I love to make hexa flowers. And I'm looking at the klosje too, but I have to finish some projects first, before I can start something new;-)
And I will follow you with your journey in the clamshell quilt. great new project.
Hope you have a nice weekend

Marieke said...

A new challenge! Enjoy it. And 0 klosjes this week, but you already have 73 in total. I just lover the fabrics you use for them! Beautiful flowers!

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Karen, I will watching eagerly your clamshell quilt. I have been wanting to make one for a while and couldn't work out how to do it. Love this week's klosjes and am so pleased so see so many gardeners out there!

Cathi said...

I'm intrigued by your clam shell quilt! I've always wanted to make one of those, but haven't seen much in the way of instructions anywhere either!

katrien said...

Lovely klosjes.
OH and you will start a clamshell quilt just like Jossie.Good luck with it,nice fabrics.

belinda said...

I am in the middle of sewing a clamshell myself. I am sewing mine in sections rather than in rows and then sewing the sections togther. I said I wasn't going to agonize over arrow straight rows. I am using vintage fabrics in mine. So far I LOVE doing it!!
I really like the fabrics you have chosen!!

Valentina said...

So karen, are we have Clam-chowder Thursdays? :)
Oh, I was smitten by jossie's Clams as well!
I need clear some things from my list first...
I have had such a lovely time visiting all the gardens as well... Such a delight! :) Thank you for the list and thank you for being the perfect Hostess.
And your Klosjes are looking as cute as ever... Great fun!

Marieke said...

Still going on with the clamshells? Do you want to come and visit me?

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

My fingers are crossed for your clamshells!I love them, and if you go to my album you can see my "Fan" quilt based on this idea
It took me 9 years to finish it and it is not a big one :)