Sunday, March 7, 2010

Klosjes Saturday

After reading Nadine's postings about Klosjes, I just couldn't resist!  Out came the graph paper and I drafted a 2.5 inch block.  Like Nadine and Valentina, I made mine a little wider.  They do look more like spools that way.  

According to Valentina, there are many quilters in Holland that dedicate Saturday's to making little spools.  I have made spools before, by machine, and they were constructed a little differently then the ones I will be making by hand.  I like the idea of making spools every Saturday, just not as an all day event, but it will become a Saturday ritual.

I'm not sure yet just how many Klosjes I am going to make, but I see some are planning to make  five or six hundred!    After bouncing all over the world, looking at all the Klosjes being made, I went stash digging and found a nice neutral fabric for the background.  This should work with different coloured spools.

So, what I did on my first Klosjes Saturday was make a test block and then I started cutting out more Klosjes parts.  By the end of the day I had one block pieced and 62 prepped and ready to go.   The question now is will I be able to wait until next Saturday to start stitching?

Kathy at Humble Quilter is working on a BOM called Tree Time A simple, fast block made from a combination of applique and stitchery.  Surely I could squeeze in a few minutes each month to make these little cuties?  But first, I would need to get some Christmas fabric.   Maybe something with snowflakes on it would be nice.

May the luck of the Irish enfold you.

I said I was only going to add a touch of colour to a few blocks, but now I am wondering if the little stone on the crown should have been done in green.  What do you think?

Until next time.....happy quilting!



Kathy said...

I love your March block just the way it is, BUT that little touch of green may just set it off.

Karen said...

Are you rotary cutting your spool pieces? 2 1/2" is a small block. I think you will have fun joining in with the Klosjes being made round the world. Enjoy!

Valentina said...

Karen, Welcome!
How wonderful of you to join us!
I love your Klosje, and I hope you savour each one of them...
I usually prepare my klosjes on Saturdays, and prepare a kit that I can then take with me and stitch in stolen moments or those "in-betweens" throughout the week. As a mom of young children, I love making them in the car while waiting for them or while they are at play. Then I report my progress on Saturdays. This way I always have a little stitchy fun with me!
Have a wonderful start to your week, Karen! and see you again on saturday!
Valentina from Cyprus

Valentina said...

ps I love your little seamstress sitting on her spool!

Sue-Anne said...

I'm so pleased I will have another blog to visit with Klosjes! I have found out already that they are very addictive. I made my centre a little bigger too. Mine will be 3 inches finished.

Anonymous said...

Karen, your Klosje is lovely! I am also glad to have another blog to catch up on and see more klosje's. This is so much fun! Welcome to the club!

Cathi said...

Your Klosje is fabulous! Mine will finish at 2 3/8". I have about 30 prepped now to stitch and will try to get more prepped through the week.

Deb said...

Lovely photos Karen

I like your March block as is - but the green would be a nice touch if you wanted to add colour.

Klosjes look fun - enjoy them - I'm getting vaccinated against them for fear of catching the bug and ending up in a locked ward.

Betsy said...

Kathy your spool block is great. I made a 6 inch one but did not like it. I am going to try again. I love your stitchery too.

Betsy said...

I am sorry , I meant to say Karen

Hennie said...

Hallo Karen,
Welkom to the "klosjes" club, I love your klosje.
Have a nice quilting week ! !

*karendianne. said...

Oh that's indeed a true spool! I'm delighted in this moment. The fabric, oh... perfect. I cannot wait to see the 62 prepped. What a great way to start the day over coffee. First stop for me, too!

Crispy said...

I like the wider spool too. I think it's ok to sneak a spool or two during the week LOL.


Deb said...

That quilt block is so cook! And I love your embroidered piece. I'd leave the stone the way it is, but that's just me!

Funoldhag said...

What a fun project that looks like, Karen. I hadn't seen anything about klosjes but will look around and see what others are doing, too. Also love your little embroideries. Hope your weather is as pretty there as it is here in Michigan - it's in the 50's and the sun is bright and shiney!! Carol

Anonymous said...


Are these things not addicting? Heaven help me, I am off to the drawing board. You all are such huge enablers.Giggle.

Blissfully Stitching,

Anonymous said...

I love your ring in the new...and I especially adore the touches of color.