Monday, November 9, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Nothing like a bowl of homemade soup
and a good book.
If you are a fan of Piece O' Cake Designs, you're going to love Applique Outside the Lines. I have four other Piece O' Cake books, plus Aunt Millie's Garden. The Applique Sampler, Contemporary Classics in Plaids & Stripes, Quilts with a Spin and my most favourite, Amish-Inspired. I plan to start my first Piece O' Cake project in 2010, a pattern from Amish-Inspired.
I finished my November Country Calendar block. So cute! This little robin is searching the garden for something to eat. Don't forget to keep your bird feeders topped up for the winter.

POTC Early Autumn

Just five more POTC blocks to go! My sister named this one Early Autumn. When the leaves start to change colour and berries begin to appear. I'm very pleased with this block.

You may have seen, in the first issue of Quilter's Connection magazine a cute stitchery quilt pattern called, Tree Trimming Party, by Dougal Ann Walker of The Freckles Collection. This pattern is now on my To-Do list. I came across more patterns by Dougal Ann Walker, at my local quilt shop and just couldn't leave without It's a Cat's Life and Quiltmakers. Are they not just the cutest?

Until next week.....happy quilting!



PatchworkRose said...

Hi Karen I am a piece of Cake fan too and have
Contemporary Classics in Plaids & Stripes, Quilts with a Spin, Stars in the garden, Flowering favourites. Don't have Aunt Millies Garden or Amish inspired- a book I have always wanted. Have to confess that I have not made anything from their books yet either but intend do intend to. Love the backgrounds on Applique Outside the Lines. Thankyou for letting me know about it :-)

Cathi said...

Love your Early Autumn block. I cannot wait to see all your blocks together -- they will be stunning!
Ythe Piece o'Cake patterns are fabulous, definitely among my favourites!

Funoldhag said...

Your soup looks delicious! Is it cheesie potato? That is one my family loves. Also, I love Piece 'o Cake and have quite a few of their books and patterns. I did a couple of the small wall hangings from the Amish book - so pretty. Hope you have enough soup for lots of leftovers! Carol

Carrie P. said...

Soup looks yummy! I love to make soups when it gets cooler.
I love the fabrics in your autumn block.
Cute little bird. I have that one printed off. Have yet to stitch it.

Anonymous said...

When is dinner? Did I miss it?! Any Leftovers?
The Autumn block is an eye catcher!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I'm with Mary (Quilt Hollow), when's the soup ready for supper? LOL. Seriously the soup looks yummy, curious minds want to know what kind of soup is it? Early Autumn is a beautiful block! I'll be curious how you like doing your first Piece O'Cake designs quilt; their designs are gorgeous. I too love the Quilter's Connection magazine :^)

Dolores said...

The soup looks so good. I love the stitcheries that you gave us links to.

Betweens said...

Hi Karen.. is that cauliflower soup?? it reminds me of what an old Hungarian friend used to make.. there is a blog rule you know you post something so delicious it has to come with a recipe..LOL just like at the guild pot lucks..
Your fussy cutting on those lingo blocks are just awesome!! love your shopping spree and your blocks of are just so busy!! I don't know how you do it and also doing your Dear Jane...please tell me your secret!!

Cathy said...

That's funny, I just blogged about the piece o cake girls too! I haven't got the amish inspired book, I think i will have to put in an order for it, which quilt will you be making? xo

Janet said...

I love piece o cake too, they bought applique to the masses, lol. Your soup looks delicious and your stitchery looks fun.

Robin said...

Oh, my. That soup is looking super-tasty to me right now! Yum! :) And another lovely POTC block, and calendar block.

Ruth's Place said...

The block is stunning!

What Comes Next? said...

please post the recipe for your soup - it looks delicious, and I love soups through the fall and winter. Your Early Autumn block is beautiful - love the centre, and your Calendar block is sweet. I haven't tried any Piece 'o Cake designs, but that book makes me think I should. We had the Freckles lady at a guild meeting, and she has some wonderful patterns - I really like the Quiltmakers, too.

Beth Karese said...

How exciting, only 5 blocks left! It's going to be gorgeous. I have one of the Piece O'Cake books, but not Applique Outside the Lines or Amish-Inspired. They are so creative.

Mrs Quilty said...

That soup looks delish! No recipe? Anyways, the book looks lovely too and since I'm starting to applique, I think I must have it! I will be looking for it at the local shop!!! Thanks!