Monday, May 11, 2009

To Snip or Not to Snip

To snip or not to snip? I read in a book that if you snip the corners (a half-inch or less triangular section) of your fabric, before washing it, it will not unravel as much. So, that is what I have always done. I would cut off the threads when the fabric comes out of the washing machine and sometimes have to snip a few more, as I press. My basket would get pretty full. I started to wondered how much I would collect if I didn't snip the corners. So, I gave it a try. The next time I washed a load of fabric, I didn't snip and ended up with way less unraveling. Needless to say, I no longer snip before washing.
My April A Tisket, A Tasket basket is complete and yes, the chocolate bunny is missing. Because I so love chocolate, he never made it to the basket!


Do you remember my Baby Ralphie quilt? The one with the mini Dresden's. Well, I also have a larger Dresden quilt in the making, that I actually made before the Baby Ralphie one. I'm halfway through the hand quilting, but have not worked on it since Christmas. Shame on me! So close to finishing. Well, something has inspired me and my Dresden is back in the project rotation. Have you seen Thoroughly Modern Dresden by Anelie Belden?

If you love Dresden's, like I do, I think you will really like this book. Anelie has put some new twists on an old favourite. Wonderful blade-top variations, split blades and lots of great patterns for all skill levels. As I finish quilting my Dresden, I will be planning my next Dresden and one thing I can tell you, it's sure to be, a Thoroughly Modern Dresden.

Home Fire Phlox, Dwarf Purple Iris and Pink Bleeding Heart

Lots of rain this past week and the garden is alive with colour. Spring clean-up is complete. The compost pile has been turned over and is loaded with lots of big fat juicy worms. What does sun and rain bring? Weeds! So, off to the garden I go!

Until next week.....happy quilting!



Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Karen,
I've always snipped my corners, because it hasn't been pretty when I don't. The fabric gets all twisted up and tangled in the threads. I think it happens no matter what, maybe it's the type of fabric or how tight the weave is. Great question though. Can't wait to read what everyone else does. Love the pictures of your beautiful.

Cathi said...

I've read about snipping corners but have never done it. Now I'm glad I haven't. I too have had fabric get all twisted up in threads but figure that's just part of the process.
Your flowers are gorgeous -- I love the bleeding hearts! We used to have those in the garden when I was growing up and I was always fascinated by them.

Janet said...

What beautiful photos today. I went through a stage of re-cutting the edges with a pinking blade but I can't be bothered so just do what you do and deal with the threads afterwards. Your basket block is very cheery and it looks like you're in for some fun with the dresdens!

Deb said...

Karen your BOM is lovely!! I laughed about the chocolate bunny...I never wash my fabric I know one day I will regret it I am sure.. but I love that crinkly look after.

Betsy said...

Karen I just love your plants.
I hand wash all the fabrics now because of the unraveling.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm.... Never heard of snipping before washing. I always just through it in the wash and what happens happens. Now I know to keep doing what I am doing. Yes, I remember Baby Ralphie quilt and love it! That looks like a wonderful book. I may have to check it out.

Funoldhag said...

Great post, Karen. Love your bunniless basket - the colors are wonderful. Have not seen that book but it looks like a great one. Would love to take a "garden tour" at your house - that's what my sis and I always used to say when we looked at each other's flowers. You have some beautiful ones. Yesterday, I took a garden tour through my daughter's yard - her trillium was in bloom and also her bleeding heart. I have always said I love flowers either in a garden or on fabric in a quilt. Great photos.

Karen said...

I never saw that snipping the corners helped with the raveling. I have heard of pinking the edges but have never tried that. A friend folds the fabric somewhat and safety pins it to keep it from tangling. I have never tried that either.

Janet said...

Interesting fact. I know you can felt with the dryer lint but I wonder what you could do with raveled threads? Flowers and quilting must go hand-in-hand. Until blogging, I didn't realize what beauties actually grow in people's gardens. Check out my cactus blooms.

Carrie P. said...

Love your basket block. The eggs are perfect. I like the cover of the Dresden book. Looks like a book I might have to check out.

Browndirtcottage said...

Oh Karen....I just LOVE your little 'fat' round little chick on your basket block...what a cutie!!
There are rotary cutter blades that are sort of like pinking shears that work great on the ends of your fabric before you threads and tons of tangled strings!
I am certainly going to check out that dresden book too...looks like a great book!!!

Robin said...

On a good day, I actually manage to serge the edges of my fabrics before pre-washing. Mostly though, I'm lazy and end up with large piles of ravels. Your basket block is so bright and happy! And thank you for sharing the dresden book... I'm definitely going to have to check that one out!