Monday, September 15, 2008

September Resolutions

I just lined up, across the sofa, many unfinished projects. Last winter I decided to do a little knitting. So, I headed out to purchase enough supplies for one knitting project. I now have enough supplies for about five projects. I'm still working on my first project and am about to start it again for the third time. I think I understand the pattern now, or do I? It's been so long since I picked it up.

I decided to make a scrapbook, because my sister makes lovely scrapbooks. I now have five scrapbooks on the go and lots of supplies, that I have no place to store. It's fun, but it takes me a whole day just to complete one page. If I purchased just enough supplies for one knitting project and one scrapbook, would that have not satisfied?

Now quilting, on the other hand, is different. One can never have too much fabric, quilting supplies, quilts in the making or new projects to start. Hmmm.....maybe that explains five knitting projects instead of one and five scrapbooks on the go. My approach was the same as for quilting. The difference is, I "love" to quilt, and a "taste" of something different every now and then, is all I need.

So, until I have turned my wool into something useful, I will finish that one knitting project a year. My scrapbook supplies will find a proper storage place and a work schedule will be put into play. Then, I will never ever let that happen again!

I know what I need, I need to quilt.
But, first I need to rid the guilt!

Okay, I feel better now. So, on to quilting stuff. As you can see, I completed the Rainbow Top, of the Noah's Ark BOM.

Oh, have you been downloading the free Stitchery Angel projects? Last weeks project was a really cute Chenille Pincushion, and the week before, a wonderful Sewing Bag and this weeks (love it!) Here Kitty Scissor Holder by Lynette Anderson.

.....and I finished hand appliqueing the first two (of six) Butterfly Garden blocks.

Started hand quilting my Dresden Plate quilt and bent five needles right off the bat. At first I thought something was wrong with the needles. I was trying a new brand. Then I switched back to my old brand, but the needles kept bending. The only other thing I could think of is, I decided to quilt through the appliqued Dresden blades. This adding an extra layer of fabric. The needle went through easy enough. I didn't feel I was putting any extra pressure on the needle to get through the layers, but what else could it be. So, I changed my quilting plans and removed what I had done, to that point, and am now quilting around the Dresden's instead of through them.

Also, finished preparing all the applique pieces for my Cherry Butterfly block, which will be the centre of another quilt.

I decided it was time to start working on my Dear Jane blocks and Quilted Diamonds. I reread both books, in August and since gathered together all the supplies needed to begin A Quilter's Journey Back in Time. I plan on hand piecing everything. No sewing machine. That makes me a little nervous. Some of the pieces are so, so tiny. Linda Franz has very clear hand piecing instructions in her book Quilted Diamonds, that can be applied to the Dear Jane blocks as well.

Came home with a bag of goodies, on Saturday, after attending two quilt shop sales. A package of Richard Hemming & Son Between needles. Hope they don't bend! Wee Play, charm pack, by American Jane for Moda and lots of other fabric. I've noticed a decrease in Civil War fabrics at local quilt shops. Now that I am starting my Dear Jane blocks, that's not so good. I have lots of Civil War fabric, but noticed I was lacking in "light" fabrics. I was hoping to get some during the sales.

Until next week.....happy quilting!



Unknown said...

You are sooo right! I feel the same way as you. Sometimes I get other projects going, but I always feel the need to quilt everyday. Never enough fabric and certainly never enough time. I love your butterfly blocks! I am also doing the Noah's ark. However, I just finished the elephants, now onto the giraffes, then the rainbow. Gotta get caught up!

Betsy said...

your butterfly blocks are beauties.

Anonymous said...

I gave away lots of my unfinished projects- I'd had them so long that I didn't even like them anymore, let alone want to spend anymore time on them. It was liberating!
Your quilts are lovely.

Bizarre Quilter said...

I'm with you! I haven't started scrapbooking. Too scary! I know it would be too easy for me to become addicted.

I am very careful with wool now. I know I can easily go overboard with that too. I have sooo many scarves already.

Quilting? My old (and new) favourite. But I am wearing down my stash all the same.

What a big post this is, so much information!! Can't wait to see your DJ grow.

The Fab Five and Karl said...

What beautiful fabric choices for your butterfly quilt. The quilter that chose them has wonderful taste.

Anonymous said...

Its good to make some resolutions, the troulbe with me is I make them but not very often do I keep them! Love your work and enjoy reading your blog! Lenora X.

Unknown said...

You can send your bent needels to me, I love them! I always use a bent needle when I quilt by hand... Perhaps I´m a little bit crazy :)

Tonya Ricucci said...

I love Richard Hemmings needles too, but yes, they can sometimes bend and break too. I just demolished five of them. I was quilting on a little quilt with 100% cotton batting (which I've done before) and it seems like it takes time to adjust to the different kind of batting. I bet the same is true of what you're doing. You could always hand quilt inside the Dresden Plate, just don't try to go all the way through to the back of the quilt. Get some batting snagged. That way you should still get the hand quilting look on top. cheers.

Funoldhag said...

Your butterfly blocks are super!! What happy colors! And I love the dresden plates you are working up. Enjoyed reading about your "bending the needles" trying to quilt through the applique. For years and years, I hand quilted and somethings are just way too hard to quilt through. I always quilted right next to the applique - then if I wanted any quilting on the applique piece itself, I would quilt about a quarter inch inside. The only other alternative is to "stick & stab" one stitch at a time. Another thing I learned to do that enabled me to take small stitches was to wear a thimble on my under the quilt middle finger as well as the top of the quilt finger. I was able to "feel" the needle hit the thimble and push it back up. I no longer hand quilt, but it was always a joy when I did. I guess I feel at my age that I still have so many things I want to work on I need to forego the lengthy process of quilting by hand. However, it is so very beautiful! Enjoy!!