Tea and a Good Book

My Quilting Book Library

Applique Books

Wild Birds
Carol Armstrong

The Applique Sampler
Linda Jenkins & Becky Goldsmith

Contemporary Classics in Plaids & Stripes
Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins

Quilts with a Spin
Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins

Applique with Folded Cutwork
Anita Shackelford

Ginger Cookie Company

Easy Applique
Better Homes and Gardens

Quilt the Seasons
Pat Sloan

Learn to Applique
Pat Sloan

Ginger Cookie Company

Bits and Pieces

Mosaic Applique
Lorraine Carthew

Buttonhole Stitch Applique
Jean Wells

Birds of a Feather
Barb Adams and Alma Allen

Garden of Quilts
Marie Webster

A Joy Forever
Marie Webster

Pieced Vegetables
Ruth B. McDowell

Reverse Applique with no Brakez
Jan Mullen

Applique Outside the Lines
Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins

Portraits From Nature
Jean Wells

Patches & Posies
Carol Armstrong

Baltimore's Country Cousins
Susan McKelvey

Fancy Feathered Friends for Quilters
Susan McKelvey

Circles of the East
Kumiko Sudo

Coxcomb Variations
Anita Shackelford

Jacobean Rhapsodies
Patricia B. Campbell & Mimi Ayars

Quilting the Savory Garden
Sandra Millett

Veggies from the Good Earth
Bea Oglesby

All Through the Woods
Cori Derksen & Myra Harder

Three-Dimensional Applique & Embroidery Embellishment
Anita Shackelford

Petra Boase

Bonnet Girls
Helen R. Scott

Folksy Favorites
Pat Sloan

Fabled Flowers
Kumiko Sudo

East Quilts West
Kumiko Sudo

Fantasies & Flowers
Kumiko Sudo

Harmonies & Hurricanes
Kumiko Sudo

Quilting with Manhole Covers
Shirley MacGregor

Simple Traditions
Kim Diehl

Simple Blessings
Kim Diehl

Floral Quilts from Grandma's Cupboard
Michelle Blackhurst

Whimsical Sweatshirts
Patrick Lose

An Angels Story
Anni Downs

Prairie Flower
Barbara Brackman

Quilting the Garden
Barb Adams and Alma Allen

When the Cold Wind Blows
Barb Adams and Alma Allen

William Morris in Applique
Michele Hill

In the Meadow
Barb Adams and Alma Allen

Hawaiian Quilting Books

Cat Nap Quilts
Elizabeth Root

Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns & Designs
Poakalani & John Serrao

Hawaiian Quilting
Elizabeth Root

Menehune Quilts...the Hawaiian Way
Elizabeth Root

Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces
Robert Shaw

Redwork Books

Shadow Redwork
Alex Anderson

Needlework Designs
Redwork or Applique
Gwen Marston

Redwork with a Twist
Pat Sloan

Pattern Books

Sew and Quilt Japanese Decor
Trice Boerens

Quick-Sew Quilts
Best-Loved Designers Collection

Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!
Diana McClun and Laura Nownes

Great American Quilts Book Eight
Leisure Arts

Quilts from The Quiltmakers Gift
Jeff Brumbeau & Gail de Marcken

Great American Quilts Book Seven
Leisure Arts

Quilts of Thimble Creek
Designers Collection

Fat Quarter Friendly
Fons and Porter

Baskets Pieced Your Way
Shirley Liby

Season to Season Wall Quilts
Patchwork Moon

Designers & Their Quilts
Better Homes and Gardens

Our Best Seasonal Quilts
Fons & Porter

Colorful, Casual, & Comfy Quilts
Karen Bolesta

Country Friends Go Quilting
Gooseberry Patch

Country Quilts
Country Living

Block Party
Marsha McCloskey

Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts
Suzanne Nelson

Everyday Embellishments
M'Liss Rae Hawley

A Year of Rag Quilts
Annis Clapp

Quilted Memories Celebrations of Life
Mary Lou Weidman

Dresden Flower Garden
Blanche Young and Lynette Young Bingham

Quilt Romance
Kaffe Fassett

Country Quilts
American Country Series

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts
Lynette Jensen

At Home with Thimbleberries Quilts
Lynette Jensen

Country Inspirations
Debbie Mumm

Quick Country Quilts for Every Room
Debbie Mumm

Quilt-Lovers' Favorites Volume 1
Better Homes and Gardens

Quilt-Lovers' Favorites Volume 2
Better Homes and Gardens

Quilt-Lovers' Favorites Volume 3
Better Homes and Gardens

Quilt Blocks & Borders
Phyllis Dobbs

The Handbook of Quilting
Milner Craft Series

Le Rouvray Paris, France
Diane de Obaldia

Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend
Rosemary Wilkinson

The Weekend Quilter
Rosemary Wilkinson

5,500 Quilt Block Designs
Maggie Malone

The Complete Book of Quilting
Diana Hill

Jenni Dobson

Material Obsession
Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke

Material Obsession 2
Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke

101 Full-Size Quilt Blocks and Borders
Better Homes and Gardens

Quilts & Coverlets
Jean Ray Laury

Quick and Easy Quilting
Bonnie Leman

Collaborative Quilting
Freddy Moran & Gwen Marston

Art & Inspirations
Yvonne Porcella

501 Quilt Blocks
Better Homes and Gardens

Creative Quilting with Beads
Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader

The Ultimate Book of Quilting, Cross-Stitch and Needlecrafts
Lucinda Ganderton and Dorothy Wood

Patchwork with Pizzazz
Lise Bergene

Amish Books

Quilts Among the Plain People
Rachel T. Pellman and Joanne Ranck

Piecefully Amish
Connie Kauffman

The Amish Circle Quilt
Rosemary Youngs

Amish Quilt Patterns
Rachel T. Pellman

The Quilter's Guide to Amish Quilts
Jan Jefferson & Maggi McCormick Gordon

Amish Abstractions
Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown

Amish-Inspired Quilts
Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins

Amish Crib Quilts from the Midwest
The Sara Miller Collection
Janneken Smucker, Patricia Cox Crews & Linda Welters

Paper Piecing Books

Paper Piecing Potpourri
Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Paper Piecing Picnic
Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Hometown Quilts
Jodie Davis

History Books

Quilt Style
Lucy A. Fazely

The Art of The Quilt
Ruth Marler

Pieced Quilts of Ontario
Dorothy K. Burnham

Classic Quilts
The American Museum in Britain

Quilts in the Attic
Karen S. Musgrave

Gee's Bend The Architecture of the Quilt
William Arnett

The Quilt
Elise Schebler Roberts

American Quilts
Robert Shaw

American Quilt Classics
Patricia Cox

Machine Quilting Books

Singer Quilting by Machine

Easy Machine Quilting
Jane Townswick

Back in Time Books

Link to the '30s
Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine

Prairie Quilts
Johanna Wilson

Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past
Marie Henry

Grandma's Best Full-Sized Quilt Blocks
Better Homes and Gardens

The Civil War Sewing Circle
Kathleen Tracy

Prairie Children and Their Quilts
Kathleen Tracy

Remembering Adelia
Kathleen Tracy

American Doll Quilts
Kathleen Tracy

Quilting Pieces of the Past
Better Homes and Gardens

Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts
Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storm

Nearly Insane
Liz Lois

Egg Money Quilts
Eleanor Burns

Quilting Those Flirty '30s
Lots of Applique
Cynthia Tomaszewski

Hobo Quilts
Debra G. Henninger

Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts
Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms

Guide Books

All About Quilting from A to Z
Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Quilter's Complete Guide
Marianne Fons & Liz Porter

Divided Circles
Sherry Reis

Teach Yourself Quick-Method Quilting
Lori Yetmar Smith

Strip Piecing
Paulette Peters

A New Twist on Strips'n Curves
Louisa L. Smith

Rotary Magic
Nancy Johnson-Srebro

Magical Hexagons
Martha Thompson

American Stenciled Quilts
Vicki Garnas

Fast-and-Fun Stenciled Quilts
Vicki Garnas

Quilted Memories
Lesley Riley

Photo Fun
Cyndy Lyle Rymer

More Celtic Quilting
Gail Lawther

200 Quilting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets
Susan Briscoe

The Quilter's Catalog
Meg Cox

Quiltmaking Tips & Techniques
Editors of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

The Encyclopedia of Quilting & Patchwork Techniques
Katherine Guerrier

Patchwork Skills & Techniques
Dorothy Wood

Rodale's Successful Quilting Library
Favorite Techniques from the Experts
Creative Embellishments
Fantastic Finishes
Creative Guide to Color & Fabric
Rotary Cutting & Speed Piecing
Marvelous Miniatures
Best All-Time Tips for Quilters
Innovative Piecing
Drafting & Design Simplified
Perfect Piecing
Sensational Sets & Borders
Flawless Hand Quilting
Choosing Quilting Designs
Fast & Fun Machine Quilting
Applique Made Easy

Complete Guide to Quilting
Better Homes and Gardens

The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide
Ellen Pahl

Crazy Quilt Books

The Magic of Crazy Quilting
J. Marsha Michler

Crazy Patchwork
Crazy quilts
Janet Haigh

Hand Piecing Books

Quilted Diamonds
Linda Franz

Quilted Diamonds 2
Linda Franz

Quiltmaking by Hand
Jinny Beyer

The Art of Handmade Quilts
Nancy Brenan Daniel

Dear Jane
Brenda Manges Papadakis

Hand Quilting Books

Loving Stitches
Jeana Kimball

Infinite Feathers Quilting Designs
Anita Shackelford

Quilt It!
Barbara Chainey

Utility Quilting
Carolyn Forster

Art Quilt Books

Color Fusion Fiberworks
Laura Heine

Intuitive Color & Design
Jean Wells

Simple Contemporary Quilts
Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader

Make Our Own Contemporary Quilts
Paola Pieroni

Art Quilts a Celebration
Lark Books

Masters Art Quilts
Larks Books

Quilting Line & Color
Yoshiko Jinzenji

Patchwork Folk Art
Janet Bolton

Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts
Rayna Gillman

Quilted Symphony
Gloria Loughman

37 Sketches
Gwen Marston

Journey to Inspired Art Quilting
Jean Wells

500 Art Quilts
Lark Crafts

The Art Quilt Collection
Linda Seward

Connecting Design to Stitch
Sandra Meech

Landscape in Contemporary Quilts
Ineke Berlyn

Colour in Art Quilts
Janet Twinn

Miniature Quilt Books

Whip Up Mini Quilts
Kathreen Ricketson

Quick Quilted Miniatures
Darlene Zimmerman

Pint-Size Traditions
Lynette Jensen

My Love Affair with Tea

Hence the title:
Tea and a Good Book

My most favourite tea's are in bold text and tea's I would purchase again are in italic.

Cinnamon Spicy Tea (Mhai Diva)
English Breakfast (Mhai Diva)
Gingerman (Eastern Shore Tea Company)
Chai (Twinings)
Chinese Breakfast (Mumi)
Tiger Chai (Eastern Shore Tea Company)
Scottish Breakfast Tea (Taylors of Harrogate)
Darjeeling (Williamson Tea)
Christmas Morning (Stash)
Fair Trade Licorice Spice (Four O'Clock)
Prince of Wales Tea (Twinings)
Darjeeling (Lipton)
Chinese Oolong (Bigelow)
Vanilla (Mlesna)
English Breakfast (Lipton)
Black Tea Chai (Four O'Clock)
Awake Black Tea (Tazo)
Black Tea (Oxbridge)
Vanilla Black Tea (Twinings)
Raspberry (Mhai Diva)
Classic India Spice (Yogi Tea)
Afternoon Tea (Ashbys)
Orange ChocChip (Lipton)
Pear & Kiwi Herbal (Sens)
Vanilla Cream Spice (Davidson's)
Christmas Eve (Stash)
China Oolong Tea (Twinings)
Vanilla Chai (Bigelow)
French Vanilla Chai (Twinings)
French Vanilla (Lipton)
Chai Tea (Tetley)
Tea Blend (Mhai Diva)
Royalty (Darvilles of Windsor)
English Breakfast (Partridges)
Organic Spicy Ginger Herbal (Tazo)
Nutcracker Sweet (Celestial Seasonings)
Gingerbread Spice (Celestial Seasonings)
Egyptian Licorice (Yogi Tea)
Irish Breakfast Tea (Twinings)
Top 'O' the Morn (Eastern Shore Tea Company)
Apple & Raspberry Herbal (Sens)
Pomegranate White Tea (Higgins & Burke)
Organic Oolong Tea (Touch Organic)
Premium Blend (Lipton)
Mandarin Chai with Anise (Davidson's)
Chamomile Court (Lipton)
Orange Gardens (Lipton)
Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla (Twinings)
English Breakfast (Twinings)
Honeybush Caramel (Revolution)
Lapsang Souchong (Twinings)
Biscotti (Lipton)
Maple (Mlesna)
Christmas (Davidson's)
Orange Pekoe (RoyalCup)
Licorice Spice (Stash)
Holiday Chai (Stash)
Pumpkin Spice (Stash)
English Breakfast (Celestial Seasonings)
Indian Night Vanilla (Mumi)
Blueberry (Mlesna)
Canadian Icewine (Mlesna)
Brisk (Lipton)
English Breakfast (Mlesna)
Cranberry (Mlesna)
Organic Black Tea (Touch Organic)
White Pear (Revolution)
Honey Vanilla Chai (Celestial Seasonings)
Irish Cream (Mlesna)
Shakespeare (Mlesna)
Darjeeling (Mlesna)
Queen Elizabeth (Mlesna)
Creamy Vanilla (Mlesna)
Pumpkin Spice (Eastern Shore Tea Company)
Cranberry Raspberry & Strawberry (Lipton)
Canton Spice (Eastern Shore Tea Company)
Chai & Vanilla Scented (Twinnings) 
Lemon & Ginger (Twinnings)
Australian Breakfast (Bushells)
Pumpkin Spice Chai (Twinnings)
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride (Celestial Seasonings)
Christmas Tea (Twinings)
English Afternoon Tea ( Twinnings)
Ceylon Orange Pekoe (Twinnings)
English Breakfast (Crabtree & Evelyn)
Hazelnut Truffle (Tea forte)
Golden Vanilla (Qi)
Esprit De Noel (Mariage Freres)
Westminster Blend (English Tea Shop)
Irish Breakfast Tea (Mlesna)
Holiday Spice Tea (Windsor Gardens)
Gingerbread Spice Tea (Windsor Gardens)
Candy Cane (Windsor Gardens)
English Breakfast (Big Ben)
Scottish Breakfast (Scottish Tea Shop)
Peppermint Cane (Bentley's)
Gingerbread Spice (Bentley's)
English Breakfast (Darvilles of Windsor)
English Breakfast (Bond Street)
Celebration Blend (English Tea Shop)
Dark Chocolate Chai (Tetley)
Pure Assam Tea (Taylors of Harrogate)
Windsor Blend (English Tea Shop)
Limited Edition English Tea (Brewhaha)
Russian Breakfast Tea (Mariage Freres)
Russian Morning #24 (Kusmi Tea)
Traditional Afternoon (Williamson Tea)
Scottish Breakfast (Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co.)
Warwick Assam (Ahmad Tea)
Paris Breakfast Tea (Mariage Freres)
English Breakfast (Les Jardins de Gaia)
Afternoon Tea (Chaikhana)
Black Orchid (Mariage Freres)
Chandernagor (Chai) (Mariage Freres)
English Afternoon (Ahmad Tea)
Dublin Morning (Bewley's)
Darjeeling Master (Mariage Freres)
Bold Orange Pekoe (Tetley)
English Breakfast (Williamson Tea)
Babouchka (Les Jardins de Gaia)
Ruschka (Mariage Freres)
The London Cuppa
French Breakfast Tea (Mariage Freres)
Highland Blend Tea (Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co.)
English Breakfast (Mariage Freres)
Sarabeth's English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast (Earth Teaze)
Irish Breakfast (Murphy's)
Afternoon Tea (Oxbridge)
English Breakfast (Charbrew)
Caribbean Breakfast Tea (Trinite)
Afternoon Tea (Charbrew)
The Everyday Tea (Twinings)
Queen Anne (Fortnum and Mason)
English Breakfast (Cath Kidston)
Maw Broon's Kitchen Afternoon Tea 
Chai Tea (Teapigs)
Yorkshire Gold (Taylors of Harrogate)
Turkish Black Tea (Bekiraga)
English Breakfast Teabags (Marks & Spencer)
Te Nero Dal Rwanda (Libero Mondo)
Empire Blend No. 34 (Harrods)
Russian Caravan (Fortnum & Mason)
Irish Breakfast (Barry's)
Georgian Blend No. 18 (Harrods)
Christmas Afternoon (Twinnings)
Assam (Marks & Spencer)
Ntingwe Kwazulu Leaf Tea (South Africa) (Taylor of Harrogate)
Milk Oolong (Hyleys)
Paris (Tea Centre)
English Afternoon (Harrods)
Organic English Breakfast (Fields & Selects)
Christmas Tea (Marks & Spencer)
Darjeeling (Marks & Spencer)
Royal Blend (Fortnum and Mason)
Spice Imperial No. 16 (Whittard)
Superb Assam (Fortnum & Mason)
Afternoon Blend (Keep Calm and Carry On)
Russian Caravan (Whittard)
Christmas Spiced Black Tea (Harrods)
Matin Parisien (Mariage)
Ceylon Tea (The House of Tudor)
Blue Pekoe (Ritual)
English Breakfast (Earth Tea ze)
White Moon (Basilur)
Spiced Christmas Tea (Taylors of Harrogate)
Masala Chai (Basilur)
Orient Delight (Basilur)
Christmas Tea (Twinings)(Red)
Chai Cinnamon (Earth Tea ze)
Magic Nights (Basilur)
Whittard Original (Whittard)
Golden Crescent (Basilur)
Black Forest Cupcake (Four O'Clock)
Irish Breakfast (Taylors of Harrogate)
Almond Biscotti (Four O'Clock)
Banana Cinnamon Spice (Four O'Clock)
Darjeeling (Pure)
Vanilla ( Whittard)
Darjeeling Summer Picking (Sansibar)
Irish Cream (Haas & Haas Wien)
Indian Spice (Haas & Haas Wien)
Masala Chai (Pure)
English Select Ceylon (Eilles)
Salted Caramel (Bigelow)
Sweet Harvest Pumpkin (Celestial Seasonings)
Single Estate Rwandan Rukeri (Marks & Spencer)
Chai (Marks & Spencer)
Ceylon (Marks & Spencer)
Schoko Krokant (Haas & Haas Wien)
Fruhlings Duft (Haas & Haas Wien)
Kenyan (Marks & Spencer)
Heart of London (Sir Winston Tea)
St. Petersburger (Haas & Hass Wiens)
Assam (Dallmayr)
Keemun Imperial (Haas & Haas Wien)
Supreme English Breakfast (Sir Winston Tea)
Russian Evening No. 50 (Kusmi Tea)
Organic Canadian Breakfast Tea (Heart Industries)
1886 Blend  No. 86(Whittard)
Spicy Chai (InfiniTea)
Darjeeling Broken Orange Pekoe (Fortnum and Mason)
Celtic Breakfast (Choice Organic Teas)
Christmas Tea (Twinings)(Green)
Zen Master Black & Pu-erh Tea (for Teas sake)
Golden Nepal (Rauf Tee GmbH & Co.)
Whisky Tea (Whittard)
Afternoon Tea No 04 (Whittard)
Black Tea with a Taste of Liquorice( Anna & Claras, Denmark)
Cardamom Tea (Ahmad Tea)
Chai Spice Black Tea (Choice Organic Teas)
Ceylon Kenilworth No. 47 (Whittard)
English Breakfast No. 01 (Whittard)
Milk Oolong No. 880 (Whittard)
Darjeeling (Ronnefeldt)
Caramel Dream Chai (Lifted Cup)
Irish Breakfast Blend (Thompson's Family Teas)
Luxury Kenyan Tea (Robert Roberts)
Bombay Chai (Java Republic)
Good Afternoon Tea (Prince & Sons Tea Co.)
Cinnamon Chai (Earth Teaze)
Ever-So-English Breakfast (Joe's Tea Co.)
China Keemun Superior (Rauf Tee)
Assam Irish Breakfast (Ronnefeldt)
Barooti Assam (Ahmad Tea)
Chilli Chai No. 615 (Whittard)
Royal Assam Tea (Windsor-Castle)
Masala Chai (Lifted Cup)
English Breakfast (Fields & Selects)
Vanilla Chai (The London Tea Company)
London Breakfast (The London Tea Company)
Marrakech Mint #212 (Whittard)
Jubilee (Fortnum & Mason)
Campbell's Perfect Tea (J & G Campbell Co.)
Chai Tea (Anna & Claras)
Belfast Brew (Suki Tea)
Queen Anne (Fortnum & Mason)
Irish Cream (Fredsted)
Irish Breakfast Tea (Irish Clipper Tea Co.)
Classic Blend (Barry's)
Buttertruffel (Schwarztee)
Rize (Turkish) Black Tea (Caykur)
Afternoon Tea (Charbrew)
Special Blend (Bewley's)
Irish Breakfast (Fortnum & Mason)
Ceylon Orange Pekoe No. 67 (Whittard)
Indian Spiced Chai (Suki Tea)
Ceylon Cinnamon Chai (Tealia)
Peppermint Chai (CJay Imperial Tea)
Golden Tipped English Breakfast (Twinnings)
English Breakfast (Tipson)
English Breakfast (English Tea Shop)
Just Tea Irish Breakfast (Wegmans)
Cinnamon Spice Black (Wegmans)
Black Cream Chai (Tea of Life)
English Tea No. 1 (Ahmad Tea)
Kalami Assam (Ahmad Tea)
English Breakfast (Tea & Coffee Suppliers)
Nuwara Eliya (Basilur)
Uva (Basilur)
Dimbula (Basilur)
Kandy (Basilur)
Ruhunu (Basilur)
Wu-Long Organic Oolong Black (Sonnentor)
Kalami Assam (Ahmad Tea)
Uva (Tealia)
Irish Whiskey (The Connemara Kitchen)
Special (Basilur)
Ceylon Gold (Hyleys)
Cream of Ireland (Schwarztee)
Kenyan Caravan (Williamson Tea)
Duchess Grey (Williamson Tea)
Vanille Des Iles (Mariage Freres)
Winter Spice Chai (S.D. Bell & Co. Ltd)
Gold (Basilur)
Hot Cinnamon Spice (Harney & Sons)
Gold Blend (Barry's Tea)
English Breakfast (The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)
Whisky (Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co. Ltd)
Breakfast Blend (Numi Organic Tea)
Golden Chai (Numi Organic Tea)
IMT English Breakfast (H. Aran)
Yorkshire Tea Orange Pekoe (Taylors of Harrogate)
English Breakfast (Basilur)
English Breakfast (Paddington)
English Breakfast (Taylor of Harrogate)
Golden Chai (Numi Organic Tea)
Fine Afternoon Tea (New English Teas)
Christmas Tea (Whittard)
Darjeeling (Twinings)
English Tea Party Breakfast (New English Teas)
Chai Black Tea (Farm Boy)
English Breakfast Tea (New English Teas)
Royal Ceylon (Hyleys)
Gingerbread Joy (Twinings)
Darjeeling (Ahmad)
English Rose No. 12 (Whittard)
Chai Black Tea (President's Choice)
Pumpkin Spice Tea (Charbrew)
Pure Camomile Tea (Twining's)
Organic Chamomile Tea (Traditional Medicinals)
Nighty Night with Passionflower (Traditional Medicinals)
Garden Party Oolong (Whittard)
Dream Camomile Lemon (Tetley)
Pure Ceylon Tea (Tetley)
Orange Pekoe Bold (Tetley)
Orange Pekoe Decaffeinated (Tetley)
Monk's Blend Decaf (Tealish)
Mistletoe (Infusion Organic Tea)
Camomile, Honey & Vanilla (Twinings)

More to come, I'm sure!