A Quilter's Notebook


Klosjes is the Dutch word for Little Spools.  In Holland many quilter's dedicate their Saturdays to making these little spools.  Thanks to Valentina, I'm sure you have seen may a klosjes in blogland.

My goal is to make around 500 289 klosjes, with no repeats in fabric.  I made my own pattern from heavy duty template plastic with a finished klosjes size of 2.5 inches.  The center square finished measures 1.25 inches.  My klosjes quilt will be hand pieced and hand quilted.

289 of 289 completed (Quilt top is complete, click here to see.)

This project is sure to make me as happy as a clam!  I have always loved the clamshell pattern and was pleased to discover that Jossie is also on a clamshell journey. 

Jossie will be starting a clamshell group June 2010.  All you have to do is post your progress on the last day of each month.  It will be nice to have others to ask advice and share my journey with.  A list of members came be found on Jossie's sidebar.

720 Clamshells
209 pieced together

My Dear Jane Journey

My Dear Jane Journey began October 19, 2008.  The plan being to hand piece one block each week until all 225 blocks were completed.  That would be around 4.25 years.  I believe I only missed one week and that was Christmas the first year.  At the end of December 2011 (3.25 years later) I completed all 169 center blocks.  My original plan for 2012 was to continue at one a week and complete all 52 border triangles before the end of the year, but I think it is time for a change.  My weekly Dear Jane block came first over all other quilting projects for 3.25 years and I feel now I would like to slow it down a bit.  Just a bit, after all, what are a few months more on a 4.25 year plan anyway?

Me and my 301

Now cleaned, oiled and ready to go is my Grandmother's Singer 301, a little vintage charmer to add to my sewing room.  All I need is a little reproduction fabric and I can piece together a few vintage charms of my own. I look forward to many hours listening to the gentle hum of my 301.

My Project Progress

Ready for Machine Piecing
Ring in the New!
Sweet Nostalgia
Polka-Dot Girls
Civil War Nine-Patch
Rag Quilt
Flannel Scrappy

Ready for Machine Quilting

Now Quilting:  A Breath of Fresh Air

Ready for Binding

Ready for Basting
Times Remembered
Farmer's Market
Lucy Boston POTC
Karen's Flower Garden

Hand Piecing
Dear Jane
Postage Stamps (1560 squares pieced together so far)
Recipe for Friendship (center complete)
Marigold Garden

Ready for Hand Quilting
Elegant Nine-Patch
Butterfly Garden
Now Quilting: 

Applique Projects
Civil War Bride

Hocuspocusville (11 of 12 blocks completed)
Now Stitching: Witches Stitches

Odd Blocks
Sashiko Clamshells

Rainy Day Cupboard
Two Inch Squares