Monday, February 24, 2014

Small Studies 1

You may remember, some time back, I purchased Gwen Marston's book, 37 Sketches.  My intention was, one day stitching a series of Small Study quilts.  Well, around the end of summer I pieced together my first one, Small Studies 1.

Also, stitched the June Sweet Nostalgia block, Let's Play Ball.

And, appliqued my Fish Challenge quilt.

Today I finished stitching the July Sweet Nostalgia block, Fun at the Beach.  I am going to prep and start right into the August block as this is the last block.  It only took me what, four years?  Now I am rushing to finish!

Worked a bit on my Postage Stamp quilt and now have 992 stamps pieced together.  Small Studies 2 is almost finished. And, well thinking about warmer days to come, I prepped two quilts for spring, a small applique and a mid-sized quilt for hand piecing.

Still to show you, the center of my new hexagon quilt, Recipe for Friendship.  I stopped working on it back in the fall to take a picture before continuing on.  That's right; I have yet to take that picture!  Or a picture of my mini quilt top called, Camellia, or my latest Hocuspocusville block.

Besides quilting I have been working on crochet and slowly learning drop spindle.  My rug hooking is back out and will be completed  by the end of March.

Hope you are enjoying your winter as much as I am and all is well.

Until next time.....happy quilting!


6 comments: said...

Que cela est beaux!

Terry said...

Everything looks great, but I LOVE your little fish quilt! It's so cool! :0)

Anonymous said...

What lovely variety in your projects. You will certainly never get bored that way!

Lin said...

Nice work Karen - the fishes are lovely and I like your little study quilt. Spring has sprung here so busy in the garden, not so much time to sew. xx

Helen said...

Lots of lovely projects going on, I especially love your fish quilt.

Paula said...

I like your Fish Challenge quilt, it is so cute, the background fabric is perfect. It is nice to se your Sweet Nostalgia block finished, just one more to go, how exciting.
Take care