Monday, February 6, 2012

Aunt Martha

As I thumbed through an old Aunt Martha booklet, published January 1953, I came across a pattern called Kansas Dug-Out and immediately thought of the Powerhouse Museum and Aunt Clara's quilt.  The only difference between the two patterns is Aunt Clara overlaps the blocks,  sharing each of the elongated hexagons between two blocks.  I love the detail of Aunt Clara, kind of like a crazy quilt.

One day I would like to make the Aunt Clara version, but for now I am going to have a little fun with the Kansas Dug-Out version.  And, in keeping with my plan, a small quilt it will be.  So, over the weekend I prepared all the pieces and hand stitched my first block. 

Luckily I discovered,  as I was preparing my plastic templates that the pattern provided by Aunt Martha was flawed.  The square was not square and the hexagon measured slightly different at each end.   Human error or printing error, I'm not sure, but it is always a good idea to check the match of templates before proceeding.

Until next time.....happy quilting!



Kelli said...

I love the pattern, and your little Valentine mini quilt, too! :o)

Maria said...

Have fun sewing your Aunt Clara quilt.
Love the colours...

Raewyn said...

I haven't seen this block before so I look forward to seeing yours develop. A friend last night was doing hexagons with elongated (shaped)rectangles attached which was also very many ideas!!

Mayleen said...

Aunt Clara's quilt is wonderful! I occasionally make crazy quilts and if I weren't already working on one, I'd seriously consider trying to reproduce hers.

Looking forward to seeing your Kansas Dugout quilt! Being from Kansas, I've heard of the pattern but don't think I've ever seen one made up.

Karen said...

Red Pepper Quilts blog shows a Kansas City Dugout quilt in the works.
And Mary Ellen Hopkins put out a book with various settings for this block. That was a number of years ago. I used to have it but gave it away.

Paula said...

Karen your Kansas Dug-Out block looks interesting, and beautiful fabric you have chosen for the first block.
This block reminds me of "Aunt Clara" quilt I saw at Susi's blog:

pajudie said...

Ooo - what a pretty block - looks like a great way to use up stash fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the finished product :o)