Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How is my Garden Growing?

My outdoor garden is struggling from the never ending hot, hot, hot temperatures and little rain, but my hexagon flowers are blooming away!  I just love this time of year, in the garden, as daylilies are one of my most favourite flowers.  This one is called French Vanilla and smells so sweet!

69 of 92 Flowers Completed
10 made this month

I've said it before and I will say it again, how happy I am One Flower Wednesday blossomed into such a wonderful event. Wednesday is now one of my favourite days of the week. I look forward to making a flower or two then off I go on a garden tour. Sometimes I'm still visiting into Thursday, but I don't mind at all. So many wonderful people I have met along the way. Each and every garden so blooming beautiful!

Look how my pile of hexagons has dwindled down!

Just 23 flowers to go! 

I'm just thinking ahead, as I'm not ready just yet to start joining my flowers, but I have a question about basting stitches.  My question is should they be removed?  The answer would have to be yes, if you baste through the paper template, but what if you don't baste through the template?  I don't, so my templates are easily removed.  Any thoughts? 


Narelle said...

That lilly looks so rich just like real cream!
I started basting through the paper, then switched so that now my basting isn't visible from the right side. I think I'll still pull it all out though as I join the flowers.

Valentina said...

Oh Karen! What a lovely new sparkly Blog you have! LOVELY!!!
I am so happy about Wednesdays, too! It has been such a wonderful blessing, meeting so many new people.
I do not remove the basting stitches. they do not interfere in the hand-quilting process, and since I use a neutral colour thread it does not show up! This is just the lovely timesaving part of basting it this way!
I am hoping to have a few flowers by the afternoon!

Lida said...

Great looking your hexagon garden! Bur also your beautiful Lilly is fantastic! Greetings,

Anne-Mette said...

Hi Karen.
I love your wonderful red and pink flowergarden. Such great fabrics1
For my flowers I don't baste throug the paper and will not be removing the basting thread. Very time saving :-))).

Saskia said...

Your almost there with your flowers. There so lovely! What a time saving thought... don't baste through the paper and don't remove the threads.
Knuffels (dutch for hugs)


Your garden is great, what a lovely colors!!!


Gerda Hartman said...

They look wonderful. Very nice fabric and already so much flowers.

Marion B. said...

Karen, your blog looks great and your flowers too. I also have a special wednesday feeling lately :-) and I leave the basting thread it will keep the seams flat (I hope, as this is a first time hihi)

Cisca said...

What an amazing photo of that lovely French Vanilla!
Your hexagon flowers are lovely, too, such nice fabric and colors. I also think you can leave the basting threads.
Greetings, Cisca

Sandra Henderson said...

Love your flowers Karen! I can't believe how quickly you've finished your goal! Almost there!
This lilly is so beautiful! The day lillies here do not smell so much. At first, I thought it was an orchid! Gorgeous!
I like your bright, cheerful new blog! I need to revamp mine, but have been afraid to begin the process. I need to wait until I have the time to dedicate to it. One of these days, you will come visit and not know where you are! :)

Bente said...

Hi Karen !
What a lovely lilly you have in your garden !
Your hexagon flowers are beautiful too, you will very soon have 92 !

katrien said...

Lovely flowers ,i like the fabrics you use for them.

Funoldhag said...

The lily is gorgeous - lilies bloom so profusely and so many lush colors. Speaking of lush colors and blooms, your fabric flowers are also gorgeous! Love the prints and colors! Carol

Miriam said...

I really love the fabrics you are using for your flowers. :)

Gorgeous day lily.
I remove my basting threads.

Sue said...

And your flowers are just so beautiful. This has been so much fun. You are quite a ways into yours. I have several more to make, but this journey is something that has enriched my life. Thank you again for making it all happen:)

Your day lily is quite lovely. I am a big fan of them as well.

Thim3 said...

I also look forward to Wednesdays to see all the lovely flowers. Your lily is beautiful..we are getting a lot of rain here in cetral Texas this week so my rose bush is loving it.
Your hexgon flowers are wonderful...I can't even inmagine getting ten done in one month.

Paula said...

Karen your blog looks so bright and nice, wonderful colours. I love your beautiful French Vanilla. Soon you will have your 92 flowers completed. It is very exciting to see how you will join your flowers together. Your flowers are gooorrrgeous. I don't think there is a need to take out the basting threads, I'm not doing it.
Take care and thank you for this "One Flower Wednesday" - It was a brilliant idea:-)

Mascha said...

I love your garden. Your flowers are so beautiful.

Yvette said...

The real and fabric flowers are so beautiful. OK, please tell me how you do your flowers without basting.

Marianne & Marie-José said...

Wednesday became also my favourite day of the week because of the flowers. It is so nice to meet many other quilters and to find such a lovely words in difficult times. Thank you for these words. Aan I love your flowers very much. The colours of these fabrics, wonderfull!!
Many greetings from Marianne

Sheila said...

I absolutely love your fabrics they sure make lovely blooms.

martine said...

I also like the garden tour on Wednesday.
Love the colour of your flowers and I am curious how you put them together.

Leanne said...

I thank you for starting the gmg journey. I'm only a newbie - into week 4 but soo addicted & find the stitching so relaxing just what I need (I am a mum living with family illness)so the stitching I have found very soothing & it stills my head.

I thank you!!!

pauline said...

Yes, I also like to take a walk in all the flowergardens on Wednesday. It inspired me to sew my own flowers (still 23 to go).

Raewyn said...

Hi Karen, I , too, enjoy the Wednesday (or Thursday)Garden Tour. So interesting to see all the ideas out there and the beautiful flowers. I use the sewline glue pen so cant help you with the basting threads question. I looooove your flowers too!!

Dolly Cloth said...

You have a great garden, I love day lily.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Wow, you are nearing the end. Such wonderful flowers.

Glad you asked about basting, as I have seen so many different ways to make hexis. I tried the "new" way as I call it, not basting through the paper. I DO NOT prefer that way. After adding more to my ugly quilt I found that the templates kept coming out. So I'm sticking with the way I have done them for years. Baste through the paper, press, then remove basting and template after every few rows.


Crispy said...

Oooo beautiful Lilly. My sewing buddy Rita belongs to the Day Lilly Club, I'll have to see if she has this variety so I can smell it :0)


Daniëlle said...

Yep, quite agree, love the Wednesdays oeps Thursday already LOL I so much love the fabrics you use, Moda isn't it? Gorgeous!! Am curious on how you plan to set your flowers. So many wonderful ideas in other gardens, me, I can't choose hihi! Great job you have done on your blog make-over!! Has it been a lot of work?? Otherwise you have to come to Holland to show me hihi!! Enjoy making your last flowers!! Knuffel (you know by now what it means hihi), Daniëlle

Diane H said...

Visited your region yesterday always amazed by the flowers. Had lunch at the beautiful Niagara on the Lake Golf Course. Stocked up with baskets of fruit then were literally blown back home by the end of the day storm. Whew! Love your new orange look.

merumo said...

Yummy flowers!!! I smell French Vanilla from the distance. lol Don't you just want to keep making more and more of those pretty flowers?

Simone de Klerk said...

I just love those flowers you are making. Perfect fabrics for them. Wow, only 23 more to go.
Luckily we are having rain again. One of my trees in the garden did not survive the heat )o:
The yellow of you flower is very pretty, even though it is suffering.

yvonne said...

prachtige bloemen zijn erweer gemaakt......

groetjes yvonnne